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With new tablets being released almost every day featuring the hottest tech, it's expected that many people will move up to the hottest device.  With so many exciting innovations in the technological world it won't be long before we all desire an upgrade.  Of course, if you just want to sell your old Amazon device speedily with no fuss for some extra cash then you can find great deals online to sell your damaged or rarely used gadget.

With the sheer volume of tablet devices being manufactured and sold it's crucial users think about selling and recycling outdated devices.  Older devices, provided they work, are still good and will sell online.  You just need to evaluate prices to discover the right buyer.

Did You Know?

Cell phones contain very high amount of precious metals such as silver and gold. Americans throw away approximately $60 million worth of silver and gold per year. (Source:

The iPad by Apple is certainly the planet's most premium tablet, but there are some excellent alternatives which can give the iPad a run for it's money such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab range or Google Nexus.  These top-end gadgets generally retain their value a lot longer than their cheaper alternatives, so can easily command a decent price on the pre-owned, trade in or recycling markets.  There is always somebody in the market who would like to get a decent device but can't afford to purchase one brand new.

It's easy to find a quote online to sell your unwanted tablet or smartphone, just enter your device name or product number and find the top price from the list of recycling companies.  Once you've got found the best price just follow the stages to package your tablet and post it.  It will be evaluated by the buyer and if it is in decent working order you should get a respectable price for it.  Even if it's busted you may still be offered something.

Our buyers prices are updated multiple times every day, and while we make every reasonable effort to ensure the prices displayed across our website are accurate the prices on our buyers sites may have changed since our last price update.

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