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  • 8 Mobile
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Compare prices for tablets from the leading UK tablet buyers at, the UK's tablet recycling comparison site. Select your tablet from the list below or use the search box above. provides an easy way to reduce the build up of unused tablet and mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Androids. As manufacturers such as Apple release ever more powerful and desirable devices, our older devices become redundant and end up gathering dust.

Why leave your old tablet sitting around, losing value every day when you can sell your tablet here for a good price? You can put the money generated from recycling your old tablet towards the cost of a new one and you'll also be helping keep the planet green by responsibly disposing of your old device.

All you need to do is search for your model via the search bar above or find some of the most popular tablet brands below. We list up to date prices from the most popular tablet recycling companies and we check their prices several times a day so you can be confident you are getting a great deal! Where possible we also display the company TrustPilot rating. Don't delay, sell your tablet today with!

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Tablet?

According to Ofcom, half of all households now have at least one tablet device. This means there are at least 11.8 million tablets in use in the UK alone. With the constant stream of new, desirable devices coming onto the market and the power of technology doubling every two years (according to Moore’s Law), a large percentage of the population will end up with tablets and mobile devices they don’t need or use any more.

Unfortunately most of the time these devices end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Not only does this create an environmental problem with a relentless build up of electronic waste, the cash value of the tablet or phone is never realised and gradually becomes worth less and less until, after a period of time, the device is worthless - and once something is worthless it usually ends up in the bin. To put this into perspective, 11.8 million tablets with an average weight of 1.5 pounds (the weight of an iPad) equals a staggering 8083 tonnes of potentially hazardous electronic waste building up in the UK - every two years!

Did You Know?

According to United Nations reports, only 16 percent of total global e-waste generation in 2014 was recycled by government agencies and companies sanctioned by industry regulators. (Source:

Nowadays it is very difficult to donate electronic devices to charities or local community groups due to health and safety legislation so the only solution to this problem is to either scrap the tablet at the local tip or to sell it.

Providing a tablet or mobile phone still has some cash value it makes sense to sell it rather than throw it away, so what are your options? You could use eBay or Gumtree to sell your tablet, but you might not get what you want for it and if your device is too old it might not sell at all. You could try selling it in your local paper or at a boot sale, but again it’s unlikely you will get a decent price and you might not find a buyer in your locality.

The other option is to use a tablet and mobile phone recycling company to buy your tablet device. These companies specialise in offering the best rates for secondhand, and even faulty, devices with no fuss. You simply select the tablet you want to sell from a list, check the price offered and if you’re happy you send it off and await payment. Once your tablet has been sold the recycling company will make sure it is disposed of ethically, either by refurbishing the device and selling it on or stripping valuable components which can be reused before destroying the remainder of the device in an environmentally considerate way.

The benefits of selling your tablet or mobile phone to a recycling company are twofold. One is you receive cash which is always a good thing! The other is you are doing your bit for the environment and making sure your old, unused tablet device doesn’t end up buried in the ground leaking toxic elements into the soil damaging plant and wildlife.

Now you’re educated about the reasons why recycling your old tablet is really the best thing to do, be green and wealthy and sell your tablet today!

Apple Apple

Got an old iPad lying around gathering dust? Sell it to one of our trusted buyers and put some cash in your bank! Also get that warm, fuzzy feeling you're doing your bit for the environment and not letting electronic waste build up (this stuff doesn't bio-degrade you know!)

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Don't let that old Acer tablet lie around unused. Cash it in now before it loses all it's value!

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Amazon Amazon

 Sell Amazon Kindle Fire »

If you want to sell your Amazon tablet you've come to the right place - click 'Sell Now'!

Asus Google Nexus 7 ASUS

Time to get rid of that old Google Nexus tablet? We think so! Recycle. Now.

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BlackBerry BlackBerry

Quick sell your old Blackberry tablet before no one wants them anymore!

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Dell Dell

Someone wants to buy your Dell tablet today. One of our buyers, that's who! Recycle that thing!

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Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface

Don't leave that old surface gathering dust, wipe it clean and sell it on!

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Motorola Motorola

Looking to trade your Motorola tablet in for some moolah? Click 'Sell Now' and make all your dreams come true!

 Sell Motorola Xoom »

Recycling Your Tablet or Mobile Device

If you own a tablet or mobile device which doesn’t have a decent re-sell value it is still important to consider recycling it in an environmentally friendly way rather than just chucking it in the trash. Tablets and mobile phones contain components which do not bio-degrade easily and can also cause harm to the environment due to toxins present in these devices such as mercury and arsenic.

The UK Health & Safety Executive has guidance on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling which you should follow if you are thinking of disposing of your device rather than selling it. Most local tips have skips dedicated to electronic equipment recycling. Just make sure all your personal information is removed from your device first before throwing it away. This can usually be achieved by manually deleting every item and performing a factory reset, although it is worth checking the process for your particular make of tablet or mobile phone beforehand. The last thing you want is for someone to gain access to your Facebook profile or online bank account because you forgot to delete your stored logins!

Alternatively, if your device still works you could consider handing it down to friends or family as a gift.

(If you really don't want to recycle your tablet then you could always keep it as a coaster for hot drinks)

Tablets ready for recycling

With new tablets being released almost on a daily basis featuring the latest tech, it's expected that many people will upgrade to the latest device.  There are so many exciting develoments in the world of technology it won't be long before we all desire an upgrade.  Of course, if you just want to dispose of your old device quickly with no fuss for some extra money then you can find great deals online to sell your broken or unused gadget.

With the sheer volume of tablets being manufactured and sold it's essential for consumers to consider selling and recycling older devices.  Older tablets, provided they work, are still good and will sell online.  You just need to compare prices to find the right buyer.

The Apple iPad is undoubtably the world's most premium tablet, but there are some excellent alteranatives which can give the iPad a run for it's money such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab range or Google Nexus.  These top-end devices usually hold their value longer than their cheaper counterparts so can command a good price on the secondhand, trade-in or recycling markets.  There is always somone out there who wants to buy a decent tablet but can't afford to buy one brand new.

It's easy to get a quote online to sell your old tablet or mobile, just enter your device name or model number and find the best price from the list of recycling companies.  Once you have found the right price just follow the steps to package your tablet and send it off.  It will be assessed by the buyer and if it's in good working order you could get a decent price for it.  Even if it's broken you could still get something.

How Waste Electronics Are Recycled

Sell and recycle iPad, Android, Blackberry and other popular tablets at, the UK's tablet recycling comparison site.