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Recycling Your Tablet or Mobile Device

If you own a tablet or mobile device which doesn’t have a decent re-sell value it is still important to consider recycling it in an environmentally friendly way rather than just chucking it in the trash. Tablets and mobile phones contain components which do not bio-degrade easily and can also cause harm to the environment due to toxins present in these devices such as mercury and arsenic.

The UK Health & Safety Executive has guidance on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling which you should follow if you are thinking of disposing of your device rather than selling it. Most local tips have skips dedicated to electronic equipment recycling. Just make sure all your personal information is removed from your device first before throwing it away. This can usually be achieved by manually deleting every item and performing a factory reset, although it is worth checking the process for your particular make of tablet or mobile phone beforehand.

Alternatively, if your device still works you could consider donating it to a local school, church or community centre or even handing it down to friends or family as a gift.

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